Drop-Off Center - 8700 Lake Rd.

The Medina County Recycling Center provides an area to drop off the following recyclables.

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NEWSPAPER - In the container for newspaper, you may deposit newspapers (loose or in brown Kraft grocery bags), magazines, catalogs, phone directories, ect. Keep these items clean and dry. Please do not place cardboard items in this container.


CARDBOARD - Deposit all empty, flattened cardboard and corrugated material in this container. Wax liners from cereal and similar boxes should be removed. Wax-lined and plastic lined cardboard is not recyclable.


TIRES - Deposit tires without rims in this container. THERE IS A CHARGE for tire disposal. Click here to see current rates. Click here to see Recycling Collection Day events when tires are taken at a reduced rate!


USED MOTOR OIL - District personnel will test the oil before accepting it. The oil must be free of contaminates. The oil must be in plastic gallon jugs (ie. white milk jugs). You may place up to five (5) gallons of used motor oil at the base of the oil container per visit free of charge. Please do not pour the oil into the oil container on site.


YARD WASTE - Yard waste includes grass clippings, leaves, brush, branches (up to 4 inches in diameter and 12 feet long), Christmas trees, and other normal garden materials. Dirt or sod is considered trash and THERE IS A CHARGE FOR SOD. Click here to see current rates (see loose trash). Yard waste must be loose and not in plastic bags.


#1 and #2 Plastic Bottles - Deposit only #1(e.g. Soda Bottles) and #2(e.g. Milk Jugs) in the container marked "#1 and #2 Plastics Only". Rinse out all plastic bottles, remove all caps and crush bottles.


CANS - This container is for all beverage and household cans. It is not necessary to separate aluminum, tin and steel cans. Please rinse these cans and do not crush them.


WHITE GOODS - (METAL ONLY) - This container is for metals and appliances. Appliances must be metal, such as hot water tanks, refrigerators, stoves, dryers, freezers, and any other household appliances. THERE IS A CHARGE FOR THESE ITEMS. Click here to see current rates (see loose trash). NOTE: Freon must be removed from these items and they must be tagged. Click here to see a schedule of "Appliance Round-Up" events when Freon is not required to be removed and these items are taken free!


RUBBISH - Use this container for bags of garbage or large quantities of rubbish. Large quantities of rubbish such as couches, carpeting, roofing materials, and construction materials may also go in this container. THERE IS A CHARGE FOR RUBBISH. Click here to see current rates (see loose trash/bag trash).


GLASS BOTTLES & JARS - Place glass waste into your regular rubbish container for disposal with other household waste. The broken glass will primarily be mechanically tumbled out of the waste stream for beneficial use in the class-1 composting area.


LEAD-ACID BATTERIES - Place all lead-acid batteries on the pallet provided. Discard only automobile, tractor or lawn mower batteries in this area.


HOUSEHOLD BATTERIES (Dry-Cell Batteries) - Deposit all household batteries (dry-cell) in the small green drum at the drop-off area near the igloos. Batteries taken include AA,AAA,C,D,9v,camcorder,hearing aid,lithium,alkaline,button,laptop and NiCd.


ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT - Place all electronic equipment (including towers, monitors, keyboards, printers, mouses, disc drives, backup devices, cd-roms, dvd-roms, floppy discs, cords and cell phones with batteries) in the open-top green container marked "electronics recycling" located in the drop-off area next to the glass igloos.


MERCURY THERMOMETERS - Seal unbroken mercury, or mercury containing devices, inside two zip-lock bags, or a rigid sealed container such as a glass jar or plastic bottle. Containers must be clear to allow the mercury containing device to be observed without opening.

For information on disposing mercury during the rest of the year please contact Amy Lyon-Galvin at (330)723-9579


FLOURESCENT BULBS - Drop off flourescent bulbs, including high-Intensity Discharge(HID) lamps at the CPF scalehouse. There is a charge for disposal of all flourescent bulbs. Click here for current rates.