Medina County exercises "flow control" with respect to refuse and recyclables. Any waste hauler that picks up refuse in Medina County must bring that material to the County's Central Processing Facility located at 8700 Lake Road in Westfield Township. This "flow control" regulation includes all refuse picked up from residents, commercial companies, Industrial firms and public and private institutions.

Through a series of conveyor belts, refuse is processed and workers extract recyclable materials from the waste stream. In some cases, magnets are used to extract items like cans and other metals. The recyclable materials removed are baled and sold to markets that re-use the materials to produce various products.

Glass bottles and jars are not removed from the refuse at the Central Processing Facility (CPF). Residents are asked to take all glass bottles and jars to the nearest glass recycling location. A map of the 10 sites in Medina County is included in this web site. Rinse all glass bottles and jars before discarding. Each glass recycling site includes three igloos. Residents are asked to separate glass bottles and jars by color.

A Central drop off site is provided at the Central Processing Facility location for those residents that do not have regular refuse pick up service. Refuse and recyclables can be accomodated at the drop off site.

Recycling Process Explained